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AT&T is one of the top mobile networks operating in the US. AT&T is the second largest mobile network operator and the largest fixed line operator in the US. It also has broadband & TV services under the brand DirecTV. In this post, you’ll find the AT&T customer service phone numbers & email address, by which you can contact AT&T customer service to get help on any issue you’re facing with them.

AT&T Customer Service

You can get AT&T customer service from the official AT&T customer service phone number given below (Toll-free) :


AT&T Customer Service Phone Number

If that wasn’t enough for you and you want further specialised customer support from them, you can go with the following AT&T customer service phone numbers listed below :

AT&T Customer Service Phone Numbers
Orders, Customer Care, Billing, Tech Support 1-800-331-0500
Order New Service 1-888-333-6651
International Services 1-800-335-4685
Number Transfer Status 1-866-895-109
Technical Support 1-866-722-3435
Military Services Calling Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Operator Services 1-800-225-5288


AT&T Customer Care Social Media Links

Below given are the links to the official AT&T social media links, from which you can get customer service.

AT&T Online Customer ServiceĀ Support

You can get more customer service support from AT&T from their official website. Click here. You must be logged in to your AT&T account to get further support.

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AT&T Customer Service

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