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AT&T U-verse is the broadband service from AT&T. ATT uverse or AT&T U-verse or just ‘U-verse’ is the brand name of AT&T for their broadband service, Digital TV and Internet telephone network. ATT is the top mobile network operating in the US, with the second biggest mobile network in the US currently. AT&T also markets and bundles their broadband service DirecTV under the name of ATT U-verse. In this page, we’ll show you how to contact ATT uverse customer service and get support from AT&T U-verse customer service using their customer service phone numbers, email, AT&T U-verse live chat and more.

AT&T U-verse Customer Service

Below given is the main customer service phone number of AT&T U-verse. Dial the following phone number to contact AT&T U-verse customer service for most of the problems you might encounter with them.


AT&T U-verse Customer Service Numbers

AT&T Customer Service Phone Numbers
Orders, Customer Care, Billing, Tech Support 1-800-331-0500
Internet technical support 800-288-2020
Order New Service 1-888-333-6651 or 866-861-6075
Technical Support 1-866-722-3435
ConnecTech technical support solutions 866-294-3464
AT&T Operator Services 1-800-225-5288
Disability resources 800-772-3140

AT&T U-verse Live Chat

Get support from ATT Uverse customer service quickly by using their customer service live chat service. Click on the below button to get support from AT&T Uverse live chat:

ATT U-verse Social Media Profiles

Get support from AT&T U verse customer service by following and contacting them through their social media profiles given below :

AT&T Uverse Online Customer Support

Get support from AT&T U-verse online customer service portal, use the below given button for that. But you need to be logged in to their portal for that.

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AT&T U-verse Customer Service

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