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Comcast is one of the largest broadcasting and TV company in the world and the #1 in the US. It is also 3rd largest telephone company in the United States. Also, Comcast operated many channels which are exclusively available on their network only. You can contact the Comcast customer service by following the numbers given on this page. This is also the same for Xfinity customer service, as both are the same and you can use the phone numbers listed below on this page for Comcast Xfinity customer service phone numbers.

Comcast Customer Service

As an existing customer or new one, you can contact Comcast customer service by using the following toll free number from your own phone for any general issues related to your Comcast service. For contacting Comcast customer service, just click on the phone number given below :




Comcast Customer Service Phone Numbers

You can use these following Comcast customer service phone numbers to contact Comcast customer service regarding to specific queries.

Comcast Customer Support Numbers Phone Numbers
Comcast Technical Support 866-316-1619
Comcast Customer Service/Billing/Moving 1-800-266-2278
Comcast Business Accounts 800-391-3000
Comcast Business Customer Service 877-589-8809
Comcast California Customer Service 800-945-2288
Comcast Customer Service 800-934-6489
Comcast Moving & Address Change Concierge 888-959-6783
Comcast Deals & Packages Concierge 888-379-2546
Comcast Corporate Offices 215-286-1700
Comcast New Customer Concierge 888-986-8447


Comcast Customer Service Live Chat

You can contact Comcast customer service live chat using live chat by following these two links. You can use either of these two below given links for this.

Comcast Mailing Address

Here is the Comcast mailing address, which you can mail your complaints about Comcast.

1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Comcast Customer Service Social Network Profiles

Comcast Customer Service

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  1. Your E-mail service is exactly like all your other services, IT DOES NOT WORK. I have been trying to E-mail you or get in touch with you for exactly one week now & nothing works. I went without any service for 9 days C& I want that taken off my Bill. My current Bill is $ 179.22 . Divide that amount by 30 days = $ 5.79 per day x 9 days = $ 52.11 & that is what I expect to be subtracted from my Bill.

  2. This is an awful post. The live chat never answers, just sits there, the numbers never answer, there is no email as the original hook says to pull you in.