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Geico is an American auto insurance company, it’s full form is Government Employees Insurance Company. It is the second largest auto insurance company in the US. You can get GEICO customer service from this page using the Geico customer service phone numbers & email support given in this page.

Geico Customer Service

You can contact Geico customer service by calling this Geico customer service phone number (toll-free) :

General queries :


For Claims :


Geico Customer Service Phone Numbers

For other specialised customer service from Geico auto insurance, follow these Geico customer service phone numbers.

 Geico Customer Service  Phone Numbers
Geico Auto Phone Number (Claims) 1-800-510-2291
Geico Auto Insurance (Sales and Auto Service) 1-800-861-8380
Geico Number For Emergency Road Service 1-800-424-3426
Geico RV Insurance Customer Service Number 1-877-GEICO-RV (1-877-434-2678)
Geico Snowmobile Insurance Number 1-800-861-8380
Geico Motorcycle & ATV Insurance Phone Number 1-800-44-CYCLE (1-800-44-29253)
Geico Boat Insurance (Sales) 1-855-3951412
Geico Boat/Marine Insurance (Boat Service/PWC) 1-877-581-BOAT
Geico Boat/Marina Insurance (Claims) 1-877-970-BOAT
Geico Commercial Auto Insurance 1-866-509-9444
Geico Number For Military Customers 1-800-MILITARY (1-800-645-4827)
Geico Collector Auto Sales Number 1-800-841-2964
Geico Ski Safe Insurance Number 1-800-225-6560
Geico Life Insurance Phone Number 1-888-532-5433
Geico Business Insurance Phone Number (Sales & Services) 1-800-841-1621
Geico Business Insurance (Phone Payments) 1-877-883-6599
Geico Homeowners Insurance Phone Number (Sales) 1-800-841-2964
Geico Homeowners Insurance Phone Number (Services) 1-800-458-8555
Geico Homeowners Insurance (Claims) 1-866-324-6516
Geico Pet Insurance Phone Number 1-800-793-2003
Geico Flood Insurance Phone Number (Sales) 1-800-841-2964
Geico Umbrella Insurance Phone Number (Sales & Services) 1-866-272-5192
Geico Jewelry Insurance Phone Number 1-888-884-2424
Geico Identity Protection Insurance 1-866-372-0634
Geico Customer Service For Renters Insurance 1-877-900-0344
Geico Travel and Flight Insurance Number 1-844-810-1598
Geico Hearing Impaired Service (TDD) 1-800-833-8255
Geico Overseas Insurance Phone Number 1-800-248-4998


Geico Customer Service Email Support

You can get Geico customer service on email by following this link.

Geico Customer Service Mailing Address

For payments :

GEICO Remittance Center
One GEICO Plaza
Bethesda, MD 20810-0001

For Insurance correspondence :

Life Insurance
8205 South Cass Avenue, Suite 102
Darien, IL 60561

Geico Customer Service

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  1. Hi my name Jose Sanchez my claim number is 0441793410101056 . A claims adjusters contacted me a few days ago. I tried to contact her but 1800 numbers can’t be dialed while in Mexico. Can u please contact my claim team so that they can contact me after 08/08 of by email