tracfone customer service

Tracfone is a mobile operator offering prepaid services in the US. It is a subsidiary of America Movil company of Mexico. In this page, you can find how to contact the TracFone customer service & TracFone live chat easily, through their phone number, live chat, email, etc.

Tracfone offers services under various brands such as TracFone, NET10 wireless, Straight Talk, SafeLink Wireless, Total wireless, etc in the US. In the US, TracFone operates as a MVNO (Mobile virtual network provider), by offering service through other networks such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, etc.

TracFone Customer Service

TracFone Customer Service Phone Number

You can contact the TracFone customer service on their active TracFone customer service phone numbers, which is listed below:


If you’re using a Tracfone itself, you can reach their customer service by dialing the following number:


Open hours: 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST, Monday through Sunday.

TracFone Live Chat

If you’re not interested in talking to the customer service on phone and you’d rather chat, you can contact the TracFone live chat. Click on the below given button to access the live chat page.

After clicking the button, click on “Online Chat” option on the page.

TracFone Customer Service Email

At present, TracFone doesn’t provide support through email. But you can try contacting them via other methods below too.

TracFone Customer Service Forum

Tracfone has an active forum, in which they’re providing support and clearing up issues faced commonly. You can click on the below given link to access the TracFone forum.

TracFone Customer Service on Social Media

As any other major company, TracFone also provides supports via Twitter and Facebook. Click on the below given links to access that.

You can easily get the support you need by posting on their Facebook page or tweeting to their Twitter handle.

TracFone Mailing Address

Below given is the mailing address of TracFone, which you may write posts or pay bills to:

Tracfone Headquarters / Corporate Office
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

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TracFone Customer Service

TracFone is a very good wireless operator, but you still can come with various issues. To  resolve them, you must be contacting their customer service. This post is a very good summary of their customer service departments and info about them.

I hope we helped you in getting your issue resolved with the TracFone customer service & TracFone live chat. Do bookmark this website, as we have customer service info about all major companies. Also comment down if you come across any issues with TracFone.


  1. i have a tracphone and its a samsung i resat it and i tried to login to my gmail account and it says couldnt sign in and it said tocontact u guys

  2. I have been trying to resolve issues with my Cell phone since I tried to activate it in September 2017. So far all it has done is eat up all my time since then. I bought it on HSN. in August 02, it took several weeks to get here. I paid HSN $53 Dollars for the LG Rebel LTE Android Smart phone….The box when received Said $19.99
    It is suppose to have 3x-talk-Text + Data. When I tried to activate it through tracfone I bought a 1 year time card that cost $l59. So far I can not get the phone activated. I have tried several times in the last FOUR MONTHS to talk to a tech at tracfone to get it activated. Each time an hour or more before they either get hostile with me or hang up. I feel really cheated.

  3. I keep receiving a text from 84260

    I am receiving texts from Tracfone (84260) on a nearly daily basis. The text is long, numerical and nonsensical. lI reply with “stop” and receive the following reply: Your phone number will be added to our Do Not Contact list. Please note that you will still receive messages related to your service”.

    I do not have service with Tracfone.

    I am getting thoroughly aggravated with receiving numerical texts that I cannot read.

    Please remove me from your list entirely.

  4. I’m new with the Trafcfone service and I’m experiencing an inordinate and frankly unexplainable consumption of airtime minutes ? Overnight I’ve lost minutes having had the phone turned off and charging for over 8 hours. I hope tracfone hasn’t become a ” RIP OFF ” Needless to say, tracfone isn’t the only game in town !

  5. I have just purchase a TracFone air min card and I was charged a E911 fee of $1.20 plus tax. Now I know I have to pay tax but what is this E911 fee and who gets the money? With all the taxes and fee’s I just would like TracFone to tell me why this fee is being charged.

  6. hi i am back in South Africa and i need to unlock my fone cant contac you from here i need the unlock code please for my service prowider

  7. Cannot add Trac Fone call time. When I call their 1-800 #, my phone reads: Server Unreachable.
    TraFone’s solution: Call their `-800 #.

    Is that idiotic or what ??

  8. Considering how TracFone just drinks up my call time and charges me about 3 times what normal phone service contracts would charge – you’d think they’d develop a way for customers tittering on the brink of not being customers – a way of contacting them – by some other means than the phone service which does not work. What good does it do to inform a customer who is having phone problems, that they need to CALL at 1-800 number? I do not particularly look forward to communicating with their service reps in the Philippines either. So far, they all talk like Tweetie Bird and must repeat everything numerous times for me to understand them. Just think, while I’m paying about $30 for about 15 VERY short calls per month ($2 a call), their reps are getting perhaps $2 a day.

    American Greed… episode number what?

    If you’re thinking of switching companies, please note that many of the other scratch-card-call-time phone service companies are part of the same company. Learn to make free calls on the internet !!

  9. please my boss bought Samsung j7 crown of TracFone for me but I am in Nigeria, the phone did not connect to our network. How am I going to go about using the phone?