xfinity customer service

Xfinity was previously known as Comcast, and Comcast runs it’s services under the brand name XFINITY. Comcast XFINITY is one of the largest broadcasting & TV company in the world and the number one in the US. You can get in touch with Comcast Xfinity customer service using the following Xfinity customer service phone numbers, live chat & email support¬†given in this page.

XFINITY Customer Service

If you’re an existing Comcast Xfinity customer, you can get in touch with Xfinity customer service by calling these below given Xfinity customer service numbers toll free given below. You can use either of the two numbers given below :




Xfinity Customer Service Phone Numbers

Below given are the various Xfinity cusomer service numbers, which you can use to contact Xfinity customer service for help on specific departments. It is the same as Comcast customer service as both are the same.

Xfinity Customer Support Numbers Phone Numbers
Xfinity Technical Support 866-316-1619
Xfinity Customer Service/Billing/Moving 1-800-266-2278
Xfinity Business Accounts 800-391-3000
Xfinity Business Customer Service 877-589-8809
Xfinity California Customer Service 800-945-2288
Xfinity Customer Service 800-934-6489
Xfinity Moving & Address Change Concierge 888-959-6783
Xfinity Deals & Packages Concierge 888-379-2546
Xfinity Corporate Offices 215-286-1700
Xfinity New Customer Concierge 888-986-8447


Xfinity Customer Service live chat

Get in touch with Xfinity customer service using this Xfinity customer service live chat linked below :

Xfinity Customer Service Contact Form

Get Xfinity customer support using the Xfinity customer service contact form. Click on the button below.

How to talk to live person in Xfinity Customer Service

Call the below given Xfinity customer service number :


Wait till the menu options in the IVR is complete.

Now press 0′, it must take you to a live person in Xfinity customer service.

Xfinity Mailing Address

Given below is the Comcast Xfinity mailing address, which you can use to contact Xfinity.

1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

This is the same as that of Comcast Mailing address by the way.

Xfinity Social Profiles

Below given are the links to Xfinity social profiles, you can try contacting them using the power of social media.

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Xfinity Customer Service

So that was all the ways by which you can contact Xfinity customer service. We hope this helped you in contacting Xfinity customer service and get the support you were looking for. If it did, don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family!